Wish List

We’re gearing up for an exciting year & it takes a lot to keep this theater clip-clopping forward! Click below to donate to our secure paypal account:

Or write us a check (made out to The Rural Academy Theater) & drop it in the mail: P.O. Box 247 Burgaw, NC 28425

Every bit goes towards: paying an artist to make art, feeding a horse, painting a set – but mostly maintaining a living, breathing company building shows to delight & inspire you.

Don’t have the dough but want to help? The items in the list below are the fuel for our fire, the hay for our horses.  They are what keep us going. Donations of these materials are VERY HELPFUL!

The theater is always in need of:

BICYCLES & all things Bike! We travel via bicycle as well as ponies & sometimes our performers come from other countries/places too far away to schlep a bike, so its good to have some on hand! (please only working touring bikes) INCLUDES: bicycle helmets, lights, bike tools, etc! 

COFFEE!! We really go through this stuff and it really goes through our pocket book. Got an extra bag? Send it over! 

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS! Got an old one that nobody plays? Chances are somebody in the group knows how. Come see that old accordion/ trumpet/ drum/ bouzouki in action once again!

COSTUMES! If it’s super spiffy and you just don’t know what to do with it, we will!

TENTS! We often camp between hosts and wear out tents faster than you can count to... tents!

SLEEPING BAGS! Do your part to keep a performer toasty on those cold mountain nights.

TOOLS! Got some old tools? Throw a wrench in the works.

PAINT/BRUSHES! All colors, all varieties, all amounts. We’ll use it.

FOOD!!!! In early September when we are rehearsing in Burgaw & gearing up for tour/ when we’re on the road – we are trying to feed 10+ hungry people on a shoe string. (Way to become our #1 hero.)

HORSE STUFF! Brushes, combs, tack, etc. etc. etc.

TARPS! Can’t get enough of ‘em.


LARGE ROLLS OF PAPER! Any Color, any weight! We’ll make it into a puppet… a mask… a costume…. a thank you card.

STRING, ROPE, CHAINS, FEATHERS, SEQUINS, etc. etc. If it can tie things up, lash things down or make things sparkle, we'll use it.

EXTENSION CORDS/ CLIP LIGHTS! For to better see night time theater.

FANS! Our studio is not air-conditioned and we rehearse in the summer. It is hot hot hot and we would be your biggest…. FAN!

ENCOURAGEMENT! Let us know you like what we’re doing/ think up ways to help us improve!