The RAT Pack

Gabriel Harrell is devoted to lists, bad puns and mayonaise. Co-creator of The Rural Academy Theater and recipient of The Watson Fellowship to explore theater rooted in agricultural calendars. 

Alison Gayle can squeeze a dance party out of an accordion while singing you under the table. She is also the co-creator of Birdbone Theater.

photo by Emily Vanaman

Maru Martinez will deep-fry her way into your heart if given half a chance & a sizable bunch of plantains. An actor, a drummer & a scowler par excellence, she puts the death metal in horse pulled theater. She studied at The University of Puerto Rico & is an alum of The Bread and Puppet Theater.

 Quince Marcum will charm the pants off you, sing you silly, tell bad jokes to the point of damaging his friendships & as he'd admit, toot his own horn. He plays with Veveritse Brass Band, among others. 

Francesca Dunford is a clown and card-carrying optimist. She teaches clown work across the globe & is based in Bristol, England. Find her. She's the one behind the red nose riding her bike on the wrong side of the road. Check out her solo work by clicking: HERE

Craig Judelman cajoles magic out of his fiddle. He is a writer of music, a lover of food & doesn't do mornings. You can listen to him here in his old band The Dust Busters.

Shannon Duncan knows more obscure Canadian ballads than you do. And if you're lucky, she'll sing them for you. All of them. 

Noah likes things just so, but for some reason took up with this crew. He will flaunt his flute and conjure smells undreamed of from pots and pans. Co-creator of The Rural Academy Theater, MFA - Savannah College of Art and Design.

Nicola Krebill, photographer extraordinaire will also grow your veggies if you're lucky. Nico studied survival in Chicago and New Orleans and was published in the book Inventing Reality: New Orleans Visionary Photographers. Check out Nico's other projects by clicking: HERE

Erin Bell is a painter of many things big & small (see our wagon), a puppeteer & a horn blower. Take a gander at her paintings:

Andy Bennett can whittle a monkey out of a peach pit. It's true. He's a sorghum syrup making, horse-handling, ballad-warbling, brake-fixing paragon.

Happy, Missy, Mona & Strangely, our 2015 team and resident speed demons. Horse-pulled theater never had it so good.

Doc & Dolly: this sibling Percheron team led the way in our inaugural 2012 tour. 

Linus & Lucy and Maple & Maggie were our 2013 team. They pulled at our wagon & our heart strings.

Kazoo (Roan Mountain Goat the 3rd) was picked up hitchhiking in the rain on the side of a Tennessee highway on our 2013 tour. She's a spaz & a sink drinker. 

Jeff Reinhardt will fix your bike if you you don't keep an eye on him. He graces the RAT with clarinet and gallows humor. Listen to one Jeff's other projects here: Jake and the Infernal Machine. 


Maryann Colella

If you happen to manage a horse pulled theater, or are having a baby, or are on the lookout for a little more all around, bad-ass marvelousness, our first piece of advice would be to find Ms. Colella & get her on your team. Maryann is a graduate of Emerson College & Bread and PuppetTheater.                            

For Wild Grace Doula click: Here     

To paruse/ buy her rad visual art: Here

Eric Kincaid

Who is that riding roman around that traffic circle? If you've found yourself asking this question recently, you've probably already met Eric. He is believed to be at large, last seen with ponies, forge, guitar & mustache. A true rambler. (Seriously, he'll talk you under the table). 

Cam Boyce is a fiddler, producer & one of those annoying musicians who can play just about any instrument he picks up. Studied Jazz at Grant MacEwan University. 

Abigail Wright can harmonize like nobody's business. Give this girl an archaic piece of choral music, some coffee & a sequined lycra unitard & get out of her way.

Hannah Temple needs a stool, but once she has one there's nothing that can keep her and her accordion from world domination. She teaches as The Workman's Circle, plays with The Rude Mechanical Orchestra & is a possessor of sound reasoning skills. 

Jais Brohinsky: Teamster, pianist & author. He writes musicals and shoes horses. Author of several plays including: Lemonade: A Play of World Domination which appeared at the New York Fringe Festival.