Dear Horse Pulled Theater Enthusiasts all, 

In case you are thinking...Summer is almost upon us! And then it's practically Fall! When is the frost date?? Golly I'm eagerly anticipating the latest theatrics from my favorite hay powered theater! I wonder what sort of magic they are pedaling this year!? I should bake a strawberry rhubarb pie for them! Heck, I'll bake two!! And not mow my lawn just in case those hard working horses swing by! WHEN ARE THEY COMING?!?! THE ANTICIPATION IS KILLING MEEEE!!!!!

If you find you've been having any of these thoughts, please continue reading.  

We will sadly not be clip clopping our way through North Carolina this fall. 

While this development brings us great sadness, we are not abandoning you! Our pot of ideas is bubbling away and we will be happy to keep you posted as to our plans.  

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We look forward to seeing you soon.